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Magic the Gathering



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Magic the Gathering is one of favourite game systems. As well as selling a full range of products for this exciting trading card game we also run many events and can even teach you how to play.

If your new to the game pop in for a demo and we will give you a free booster to get you started.

Every Friday we run Friday Night Magic which is a weekly tournament played from 7pm (formats rotate between Standard and Modern and Pioneer. 

We run a casual commander night every Thursday from 6pm. It is free to attend and we play Commander, Oath Breaker and Tiny Leader


We have a full range of sealed MTG products in stock. We currently have boosters from Murders at Karlove Manner, Lost Caverns of Ixalan, Wilds of Eldraine, March of the Machine, Brothers War, Phyrexia All Will be One and Lord of the Rings. We also sell bundles, prerelease kits and commander decks.

Currently we are running events in store but you space is limited. Please feel free to join our gaming community on our Discord Server (as this is the best place to keep up with what is happening)...

We currently run a Standard /Modern /Standard Pioneer rotation for FNM events and have Commander on Thursdays and some additional events on Saturdays

All events are on

the MTG Eventlink

system and we 

recommend the 

Companion App!