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KD Games Night


We host a week games night at the Royal British Legion in Shoreham every Tuesday from 5:30pm until 10pm. There is an entrance fee of just £2 although the first one is free. We hold the event in the upstair function room which is completely seperate from the main bar area. It is a very friendly group and there is always something to join in with regardless of your age or experience. Any type of board game is welcome, if you have something that you are looking for people to play, then bring it along and as long as you are happy to tell us how to play it we will give it a go! 

KD Games - Vanguard League


Included in the entry of £2 is the opportunity to take part in our weekly Cardfight Vanguard Tournament. The event starts prompty at 7pm and there are a number of one game rounds that are played without a time limit. Prizes are given to the top place players and there is a participation promotional card for everyone that attends. 

Everytime you take part in one of these events your scores are recorded and you will earn KD points. At the end of the year the top scoring players are invited to our end of year tournament for the chance to become our store champion.


This is a popular event with players of different abilities. If you are new to the hobby why not come along a bit earlier and enjoy some friendly games before the event starts.

KD Games Young Guns Club


The younger players are welcome from 5:30 through to 7:30 and we welcome players from 10 years and older. 


If you have never played a game before this is not a problem we have many differnt demonstration games that we can teach you and there is always something to join in with.


Many of the younger players enjoy regular games of Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40k, Hero Clix and many many different card games and board games.


for NOVEMBER '16



As part of the weekly games night we regularily run tournaments for many different game systems.


Our regular events are :


Warhammer Conquest LCG

Net Runner LCG

Dice Masters 

Magic the Gathering

Star Realms

Hero Clix

Game of Thrones LCG


If there is something that you would like to play competitively and it is not on this list, please ask and we will see what we can do about starting something going.

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