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Band of Brother Starter Set

Band of Brother Starter Set


Welcome to the front lines, soldier! The contents of this box are the best way to start your Bolt Action journey, and will set you up perfectly for hours of fantastic wargaming.

Bolt Action: Third Edition is coming this September, with pre-orders starting in July. Don't worry - everything contained in this box can be used in the new edition, with the exception of the rulebook, which we include so that you can get to learning the game and having fun right away! Don't worry about having to replace that, either - we'll give you a free one!

This product contains a leaflet with a single-use, unique code - make sure you don't lose it! This code entitles you to a FREE English language A5 copy of the upcoming Bolt Action: Third Edition rulebook, and can be redeemed at the checkout on our webstore once pre-orders for Bolt Action: Third Edition begin in July 2024. Please be aware that third edition rulebooks redeemed in this way will not be shipped until the release date in September and normal shipping costs will apply when using your code.

This code may only be used once. All codes expire October 2025. For further information on Bolt Action: Third Edition, please see 
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 Bolt Action puts YOU in command of the most brutal and famous battles of the Second World War. 

D-Day was a key turning point in the Second World War, and saw some of the fiercest fighting - even German veterans of the Eastern Front were shocked by its intensity. Early in the hours of the 6th June 1944, the fighting was joined when Allied paratroopers landed behind the Axis defensive lines to seize vital targets and disrupt the enemy’s response to the amphibious assault. Vicious firefights broke out as the lightly armed but determined airborne troops clashed with the defenders, desperately holding on until reinforcements could arrive from the beaches.

The Band of Brothers starter set has everything you need to play games of Bolt Action and start recreating the battles of D-Day and beyond, as the Allies fought their way across France and into Germany itself. The set includes plastic miniatures and terrain, as well as everything else you need to get started:

  • 24 US Airborne troops - the elite of the Allied forces that landed on D-Day. Included are a range of weapons such as SMGs, BAR automatic rifles and Light Machine Guns, as well as components to assemble command models and alternate heads with their famous mohawk haircuts.
  • 12 German Grenadiers - veteran troops and the backbone of Germany’s defence, equipped with a fearsome range of weaponry including assault rifles, machine guns and Panzerfausts plus officer heads and other components such as maps and binoculars.
  • German Halftrack - a SdKfz 251/10 AusfD with light anti-tank gun and pintle mounted machine gun that can also transport troops rapidly around the battlefield.
  • Ruined farmhouse - evocative battlefields really bring the game to life and this easy to assemble kit is a great way to start your collection or add to your existing terrain.
  • Bolt Action 2nd Edition Rulebook - in A5 softback format. The full game rules so that once you have mastered the basics you can expand your forces and fight bigger, even more exciting battles. Includes army lists for all the main combatants and a variety of scenarios.
  • Quickstart guide and reference sheets to get you fighting battles straight away.
  • All the markers, tokens and dice you need to play.
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