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Pokemon League Rules for all players


These are YOUR rules, put together by young people that have attended the club over the many years that we have been running it. They apply to all. They have been written to allow all players that attend to get the most from the club. Disobeying them can mean a ban from the Club, so please follow them.

  • Most important is: Join in, have fun, and let others have fun too

  • Respect EVERYONE: members, staff & visitors(customers to the shop that will be using the same space as you)

  • No bullying, swearing, fighting or theft

  • No discrimination: treat everyone fairly

  • No litter: use the bins; keep the Club areas clean

  • No running or dangerous games

  • Keep safe: health and safety rules apply at all times

  • No damage, vandalism or graffiti of any kind

  • No food & drink around cards (especially if they do not belong to you)

  • No trade is binding, if you make a trade firstly check with an adult to make sure it is fair, secondly if change your mind before the end of the session then this is fine and players are expected to trade cards back. With all trades we recommend waiting to seek parents permission at the end of the session

These rules will be displayed at the club for you all to see and will be reviewed every six months.

LAST REVIEWED : February 3rd 2022

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