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Get started in the world of competitive Pokémon TCG play at League Challenge tournaments. These events are small, entry-level events on a local scale. In Pokémon TCG League Challenge tournaments, players can earn Championship Points and work toward earning an invitation to the World Championships!

League Challenge events are open to all players. Entry to one of our League Challenges cost just £8 per player. Every player will get a current Pokemon TCG booster and a Prize Booster just for taking part and an additional prize pack will be added to the prize pool for the top players for each player in the event.

2024 Pokémon TCG League Challenge events

2024 League Challenge events will typically be held once per month at KD Games in Shoreham. These tournaments use the Standard format. League Challenge events consist of only Swiss rounds; there is no top cut to single-elimination rounds.

All players who have Pokémon Trainer Club accounts and are in good standing with the Play! Pokémon rules are welcome to participate. Players need to bring their own 60-card deck.

Players must have a Pokémon Trainer Club account with a Player ID attached, and must have opted in to the Play! Pokémon program in order to earn points and prizes. All participants will receive 1 Play! Point just for playing, and additional points depending on where they finish.

2024 Pokémon TCG League Challenge Championship Points

Placement                   Championship Points              Kicker (# of participants)

1                                               15                                                 0

2                                               12                                                 0

3-4                                            10                                                 0

5-8                                            8                                                   21

9-16                                          6                                                   48

17-32                                        4                                                   80

Championship Point values subject to change.

Our next Pokémon TCG League Challenge at KD Games

Saturday 20th January 2024 at 2pm

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